venerdì 18 marzo 2011

Saffron in the kitchen

There are several recipes in which saffron can be used. From appetizers to desserts, its peculiar flavor due to the presence of the elements that compose the picrocrocina and its scent made up of active ingredient safranal joined to the beautiful yellow gold color given by crocin, makes it one of the most unusual and versatile spice.

The Romans used it to prepare dishes for cooking game and aromatic wines. Arabs for cakes and breads. During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance it was used for the preparation of "crayons" spices and meat pies, breads, soups, cakes savory, vegetables and legumes in meats and cheeses, fruit and cakes.

Today, appreciated by the best international chefs including those in the restaurant "Dulcis in Fundo", San Gimignano, is used for preparing countless recipes and creative cooking.

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