sabato 28 aprile 2012

San Galgano Abbey, a secret treasure in Tuscany

Far only 1 1/2 hour by car from Fortezza de’ Cortesi, situated on the main road between Massa Marittima and Siena, the Cistercan abbey of San Galgano leave to visitors an indelible picture in the memory. It was built between 1224 and 1288 and contained the earliest Gothic churc in Tuscany. It provided the inspiration of Siena Cathedral. A magical, special, suggestive place. Absolutely to visit!

lunedì 23 aprile 2012


What about Cleopatra the curious Fortezza de’ Cortesi dachsund? So brave, amusing and affectinate with all humans, she’s terrible with our cats. The hunter insticts guide her short legs chasing the poor felines who take refuge on the property’s wood trees. She waits adamant barking for hours till exhausted she comes home with his tongue hanging out.

sabato 21 aprile 2012

Gli amici a 4 zampe di Fortezza de' Cortesi

Cosa dire di Cleopatra, la curiosa bassottina a pelo duro di Fortezza de’ Cortesi? Così amabile, divertente e affezionata al genere umano, è terribile con i nostri poveri gatti.
L’ istinto di cacciatrice guida le sue corte zampe all’inseguimento dei poveri felini che cercano rifugio sugli alberi del bosco della proprietà. Lei imperterrita attende abbaiando per ore e alla fine torna a casa esausta con la lingua penzoloni.

giovedì 12 aprile 2012

Mint, an extremely versatile herb

Mint is an important ingredient in health products and beauty, especially for hair and oily skin. It also complements dishes both sweet and savoury.
It has the ability to bring freshness to any dish you may prepare for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Mint tea is said to aid digestion. Use it fresh to make this delicious mint tea recipe. It’s incredibly easy to make.
You will need 1 oz (15-30 g) of fresh mint.
Put the leaves in a tea infuser. Heat 3 cups of water to boiling. Then pour the boiling water over the leaves and into the pot. Let fresh leaves steep for about 3-4 minutes.
Now, drink and enjoy the taste of a relaxing summer sunshine in a cup.