venerdì 21 maggio 2010

Saffron, San Gimignano exceptional taste

Together with art, culture, towers, wine, San Gimignano is proud of another antic traditional product: Saffron.

Since ancient times, Saffron has always been considered a symbol of material and spiritual wealth, probably because of its warm color that recalls gold. The clothes of the Egyptian priests, the curtains wrapping mummies, the veils of brides in ancient Rome, the robes of the Assyrians and Babylonians king, wedding dresses of medieval women to that of the Dalai Lama were all dyed using saffron.

In San Gimignano the tradition of its use dates back to medieval times, when the cultivation of this precious flower, crocus, extended throughout the territory surrounding the town. During the flowering, lilac/purple fields struck the traveler eyes along the Via Francigena pilgrimage. Introduced by the first crusaders, saffron found in San Gimignano, ideal conditions for a huge development.

A few years ago some willing producers, among them "Fortezza de 'Cortesi, encouraged by the Region of Tuscany, ARSIA Agricolture Authority and the Municipality, re-started the recovery path of production of this precious spice. After a testing phase, carried out for the first time under international yardsticks, have come to obtaining the Denomination of Origin (PDO). Laboratory tests conducted on the product gave surprising results and gave to The Saffron Dop of San Gimignano the most prestigious category in the world. Cultivated, harvested and processed entirely by hand according to biological criteria, is packed while keeping intact the stigmas to protection from counterfeiting.

venerdì 14 maggio 2010

About Charming Country Resort in Tuscany

The Charming Country Resort will be the right choice for a holiday, making you experience the full potential of this land, combining pleasures of the countryside comfort and relax, luxury and antic, wellness and culture, art and food, wine and traditions.
A stay of excellence,
the pleasure of living according to natural rhythms of the seasons, to enjoy the taste of the old home made breakfast and meals with local produce, to spend time lost in idleness reading or just listening to the chirping of cicadas on the edge of a swimming pool or chatting in front of a fireplace, have the luxury of this era in which everything is experienced in haste. In Tuscany and throughout Italy there are several structures that apply this philosophy of hospitality. The guest has the opportunity to enjoy a holiday full of exclusive comfort out of the same stereotype farmhouse rustic and good. Often these luxury cottages to foster local knowledge, organize courses of all kinds, from those of typical local cuisine to those of medieval history, horseback and bicycle tours, guided tours of the city of art and wine.
Some even offer the possibility of personal services such as relaxing massages, Shiatsu, sauna etc..
and are often organized as a real beauty farms. All this offers the opportunity for both owners and guests to give and receive hospitality at all times of the year beyond the limit of seasonality. At all times so you can spend a period of pleasant break to relax and then return to everyday...... knowing that somewhere not too far away, there are places where you can experience that time got still
human beats .