venerdì 13 dicembre 2013


This morning while I was walking along the old path around my house I was thinking how happy I am to be living in this special location, which is for me the most beautiful place in the world.

Every place has its own unique identity. These rare characteristics that we can find in no other place on earth is what droves me to this charming spot. Here, during the Renaissance great intellectuals, artists and politics of that time were hosted by Paolo Cortesi distinguished humanist, secretary of the pope Giulio II and professor at the University of Siena. He was the owner of this cultural center named Castrum Cortesianum. Here Pope Alessandro III, Pope Giulio II, Angelo Poliziano, I Medici, Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola and many others personalities spent part of their time talking about literature, art, politics, architecture; here there was a private library for public use; here Paolo Cortesi also wrote and printed his most important book “De Cardinalatu”, a book dedicated to the role of cardinal-senator, a typical figure of the Papal States to pluck it out between the '400 and '500. The text is one of the cornerstones of humanistic literature.

Every time I caress these walls full of history and culture I feel a special energy.
What good vibrations and great sense of peace all around .....!

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